About us

18 Remodel is a local, family owned general contractor business. We hold every one of our in-house designers, contractors and support staff members to the same high core company values, standards and policies. Our staff share a strong commitment, unified leadership, stability, trust, authenticity, flexibility, versatility and the same vision and long term goals of success for us as a company and the home remodeling projects of our valued Southern California clients who hire us. 

How to work ?

  • Design
  • Project design is an early phase of the home remodel lifecycle where ideas, processes, resources and deliverables are planned out. 18 Remodel can help you define project goals, determine outcomes, identify risks and constraints, refine strategy, estimate budget, create a contingency plan and document milestones to ensure home remodeling success. 

  • Build
  • In the build phase, our design and construction teams come together. Time estimates become schedules and cost estimates become budgets. 18 Remodel gathers our resources, plans assignments, creates a timeline, develops a budget, as well as makes the necessary commitments to bring the design to fruition and flawlessly execute the home remodel to our valued client’s satisfaction.
  • Client Satisfaction
  • There are many reasons our clients love working with 18 Remodel. We always strive to manage realistic expectations while creating excitement by communicating before, during and after our home remodels. In addition, we know how to securely separate the section of the home under construction to maintain cleanliness and safety. Further, we do everything we can to minimize the disruption noise, smells and dust will have on your loved ones living arrangements. Finally, our experienced professionals plan extremely well so we do not waste valuable working time waiting for permits or reviews with city officials.

    Benefits of Hiring 18 Remodel:

    Estimate by Owner

    We know the importance of accurate estimates when completing a home remodel which is why our owner creates the budget estimate for every project himself. And his involvement does not stop there! Our owner supervises every project with routine site, material, equipment and progress inspections, to ensure our team members are working jointly to deliver excellent work, performed to safety and health regulations, on time and on budget.

    No Surprises

    At 18 Remodel, we implement a “No Surprises” approach to our project management. We understand the importance of scheduling, cost estimating, cost control and procurement functions that support accurate and effective project management. Our skilled professionals excel at collecting, organizing, analyzing, updating and revealing data that help guarantee there will be no surprises regarding prices and procedure when conducting our home remodels.

    In House Employees

    We hire in house employees that we know and trust. From our designers and contractors to our support staff; 18 Remodel carefully selects every team member in our employment. This means no uncertain hiring of subcontractors or sub suppliers. Rather you can have peace of mind that all our staff members have been vetted and proven to be honest, trustworthy, detail oriented and hard working.

    Lets Get Started on Your Next Project!

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