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Exterior house painting is arguably the most effective way to boost the curb appeal of your home. 18 Remodel can give your home a complete makeover without hassle, headaches or worries. Our team of highly experienced exterior painting professionals deliver the highest quality results so you get a final product you can be truly proud of. Call us to restore your home to its original beauty with a professional exterior paint job from 18 Remodel today. Our process begins with honest estimating and thorough preparation to expert painting and meticulous cleanup.

Cool Life Paint

Where constant changes in weather result in most exterior paints chipping and blistering over time, Cool Life coatings adapt to it, outlasting even the sturdiest of paints. Cool Life coatings create a thick waterproof layer that covers and seals even hairline cracks. In addition to helping prevent water damage, mold and mildew, Cool Life coatings reduce surface heat caused by the sun’s infrared rays. This translates to a lower exterior temperature resulting in a cooler home and decreased AC costs. 18 Remodel is proud to be trained, licensed and certified to install cool life coatings.


It’s not hard to see why stucco is such a popular siding material on many Southern California homes. Because stucco is essentially concrete, it has several considerable advantages over other siding materials such as wood. Stucco is tough, durable and when properly maintained, it will last 50 years or more. And as it is seamless, weather doesn’t have cracks and crevices to penetrate. In addition it is not prone to damage from fire, rot, or insects and it does a good job of blocking noise. However, it’s most powerful benefit of protection from moisture intrusion begins with its proper application. 18 Remodel are experts at applying long lasting and attractive stucco finishes.

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