Concrete hardscapes are durable and resistant to outside weather elements. In addition, concrete is versatile and can be utilized in any aspect of hardscaping design from driveways, walkways and steps to garden borders. Concrete can be customized to make your property unique and standout from your neighbors.


Pavers create an attractive and durable flat surface ideally suited for driveways, walkways and patios. As pavers can be made of concrete, brick or natural stone, there is a specific paver suited to complement and boost the curb appeal of every residential property. Unique patterns can be created by contrasting different paver colors or mosaic effects. 

Concrete VS Pavers Hardscapes

Generally, concrete hardscapes are quicker to install and less expensive than paver hardscapes but if it is going to see a lot of traffic, wear and tear, cracks can occur in concrete that will call for repairs. The cost of a paver hardscape may be higher up front, but it will be easier and less costly to maintain as time goes on. 18 Remodel can help you take into consideration your property’s size and how the concrete or pavers will be used in order to determine which material will be better for resale value should you decide to sell your home in the future. 

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